(A)   No owner of any animal held as a domestic pet in the city shall permit the animal to run or be at large at any time. Any such animal found at large may be impounded. Upon impounding, the owner of the animal may at any time within 4 working days after the same shall have been impounded, reclaim the animal by paying the expense of keeping such animal. No animal shall be released to its owner or any other person unless such person shall provide proof of vaccination. If any animal so impounded shall not be reclaimed within 4 working days and all reasonable efforts to locate the owner have failed, the city is authorized to destroy, sell or otherwise dispose of the animal.
   (B)   Any owner intentionally allowing their animal to run at large shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and fine. A police office, in making an attempt to catch an animal at large, may issued a ticket to he owner for allowing their animal to run at-large, if the animal can’t be caught but the police officer can identify the animal as belonging to the owner. The owner shall be charged a $25 fine for each offense.
   (C)   For the purpose of this chapter, an animal shall be deemed AT LARGE if it is off the owner's property and is neither leashed nor restrained by a kennel.
(Prior Code, § 6.08.090)  (Ord. 111, passed - -1993; Am. Ord. 188, passed 11-7-20059; Am. Ord. 2013-01, passed 2-19-2013)  Penalty, see § 10.99