(A)   A veterinarian or qualified person who vaccinates the dog shall issue to the owner thereof a vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate shall be prepared and issued in triplicate: 1 copy is to be retained by the issuing veterinarian or other qualified person, a second shall be given to the City Finance Office and the third may be kept by the dog's owner. Each certificate shall bear the name and address of the veterinarian or other qualified person who issued it and a statement containing the description and the kind and name of the dog immunized, the type of vaccine used, the date of the vaccination, the date on which the period of effective immunization will expire and the serial number.
   (B)   The veterinarian or qualified person shall also furnish each owner with a metal tag bearing the certificate number and the year of vaccination. The tag shall be affixed by the owner of the dog to the collar or harness of the dog for which the certificate was issued. No one except the owner or his or her duly authorized agent shall remove the collar with the attached tag from the dog.
(Prior Code, § 6.08.050)  (Ord. 111, passed - -1993)