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   Every charitable organization receiving a permit to solicit shall follow the following rules and regulations.
   (A)   Any fund-raising activity by a charitable organization, including but not limited to a solicitation, request for contributions, sale, benefit affair and the like, shall be subject to this article;
   (B)   On-street solicitations will not be allowed in the city limits;
   (C)   Volunteer workers or solicitors for charitable organizations shall wear official solicitation badges as issued by the Police Department at all times while soliciting;
   (D)   Collection containers used in solicitations must be sealed and properly identified;
   (E)   Each contributor must be given a proper receipt as approved by the Chief of Police;
   (F)   Sidewalk solicitors shall not interfere with the free movement of pedestrian traffic;
   (G)   Solicitations will not be permitted after 9:00 p.m. nor before 9:00 a.m.;
   (H)   The city will accept no liability for accidents caused directly or indirectly by any solicitation;
   (I)   All charitable organizations conducting solicitations in the city must hold a valid solicitation license issued by the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Human Resources in accordance with G.S. Chapter 131F or be exempt from the licensing provisions of G.S. Chapter 131F;
   (J)   All nonprofit organizations conducting solicitations in the city must comply with all requirements of G.S. Chapter 131F as is now in existence or shall be hereafter amended; and
   (K)   A solicitation conducted pursuant to this article shall be granted for a period of time not to exceed three consecutive calendar months, and can be renewed for successive three-month intervals.
(Ord. No. 1032, passed 12-11-1980)