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   (A)   Every charitable organization which intends to solicit contributions within the city limits or have funds solicited on its behalf shall, at least five working days prior to the solicitation, obtain and file an application with the Chief of Police upon forms prescribed for a permit to solicit. The application shall be in writing and show the name of the applicant organization; its national, state and local headquarters addresses, if any; the names and addresses of its national, state or local officers and/or representatives; whether or not the applicant organization or its solicitors have been convicted of any offense related to solicitation in the past five years; the particular areas of the city in which solicitation shall take place and the manner in which it shall be conducted.
   (B)   Upon receipt of an application for a permit under this article, the Chief of Police shall review each application; and if found to be accurate and in compliance with the requirements of this article, it shall be approved.
   (C)   Notification of approval or disapproval of an application filed under this article shall be in writing to the organization filing the application.
(Ord. No. 1032, passed 12-11-1980)