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   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
Charitable organization. Any person which is or holds itself out to be organized or operated for any charitable purpose or any person who solicits or obtains contributions solicited from the public for charitable purposes.
Charitable purpose. Any charitable, benevolent, religious, philanthropic, environmental, public or social advocacy or eleemosynary purpose for religion, health, education, social welfare, art and humanities, civic and public interest.
Contribution. Any promise, gift, bequest, device or other grant for consideration or otherwise, of any money or property of any kind or value, including the promise to pay, which contribution is wholly or partly induced by a solicitation. The term “contribution” shall not include payments by members of an organization for membership fees, dues, fines or assessments, or for services rendered to individual members, if membership in the organization confers a bona fide right, privilege, professional standing, honor or other direct benefit, other than the right to vote, elect officers or hold offices; nor any money, credit, financial assistance or property received from any governmental authority.
Door-to-door solicitations. Solicitations conducted from house to house in residential areas of the city.
On-street solicitation. Solicitations conducted in and on the public streets, at street intersections and on traffic islands.
Sale and benefit affair. Includes but is not limited to athletic or sports event, bazaar, benefit, campaign, circus, contest, dance, drive, entertainment, exhibition, exposition, party, performance, picnic, sale, social gathering, theater or variety show which the public is requested to patronize or attend or to which the public is requested to make a contribution for any charitable or religious purpose connected therewith.
Sale, sell and sold. The transfer of any property or the rendition of any service to any person in exchange for consideration, including any purported contribution without which the property would not have been transferred or the services would not have been rendered.
Sidewalk solicitations. Solicitations conducted on the city sidewalks, the mail, shopping centers, stores, businesses or any public place.
Solicit and solicitation.
      (1)   The request or appeal, directly or indirectly, for any contribution on the plea or representation that the contribution will be used for a charitable purpose, including without limitation the following methods of requesting the contribution:
         (a)   Any oral or written request;
         (b)   Any announcement to the press, over the radio or television or by telephone or telegraph concerning an appeal or campaign to which the public is requested to make a contribution for any charitable purpose connected therewith;
         (c)   The distribution, circulation, posting or publishing of any handbill, written advertisement or other publication which directly or by implication seeks to obtain public support;
         (d)   The sale of, offer or attempt to sell, any advertisement, advertising space, subscription, ticket, or any service or tangible item in connection with which any appeal is made for any charitable purpose; or where the name of any charitable organization is used or referred to in any such appeal as an inducement or reason for making any such sale; or when or where in connection with any such sale, any statement is made that the whole or any part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to any charitable purpose.
      (2)   “Solicitation” as defined herein shall be deemed to occur when the request is made, at the place the request is received, whether or not the person making the same actually receives any contribution.
(Ord. No. 1032, passed 12-11-1980)