(A)   Within 15 days after each fiscal year of the city, the Board of Directors shall make a report of the condition of their trust on the last day of the fiscal year, to the Council. This report shall be made in writing and shall be verified under oath by the President and Secretary, or at least two members of the Board of Directors.
   (B)   It shall contain:
      (1)   An itemized statement of the various sums of money received from the band fund and from other sources;
      (2)   An itemized statement of the objects and purposes for which those sums have been expended; and
      (3)   A statement of the number of members of the Band throughout the past year; the number of rehearsals held; the average attendance at each rehearsal, and other statistics, information, and suggestions concerning said Band or Board.
(2000 Code, § 32.105)