(A)   The Directors shall immediately after their appointment meet to organize by the election of one of their number President and one as Secretary, and by the election of such other officers as they may deem necessary. They are hereby authorized to make and adopt such rules, by-laws and regulations for their own guidance and for the government and management of the Band as may to them seem expedient, and not inconsistent with the best interests of the Band or the city, and which shall not be in conflict with any of the ordinances of said city. The Board of Band Directors shall have the power to appoint a competent Band Conductor and necessary assistants and to fix their compensation, and shall also have power to remove such appointees and shall, in general, carry out the spirit of and the intent of this subchapter.
   (B)   The Band Conductor shall, with the approval of the Board of Band Directors, employ a group of individual musicians to be under his or her management and direction which shall collectively be known as the “Greenville Municipal Band”.
(2000 Code, § 32.103)