(A)   The Plan Commission shall, pursuant to the provisions of applicable statutes, prepare and recommend to the City Council a comprehensive plan of public improvements looking to the present and future development of the municipality. This plan shall be known as the official plan of the city.
   (B)   Thereafter, from time to time, the Plan Commission may recommend changes in the official plan. In order to accomplish this end, the Plan Commission may recommend to the corporate authorities retaining of competent professional consultants and may from time to time as deemed necessary recommend the charter and appointment of citizen groups to study and report on various specific phases of the comprehensive plan.
   (C)   All plats of subdivisions within or without the corporate limits, all requests for new streets or alleys or vacation of streets or alleys, and all other changes or additions which materially affect the physical, economic or social organization of the city shall be submitted to the Plan Commission for study or recommendation before receiving final action by the City Council.
(2000 Code, § 32.072)