§ 119.03 LICENSE.
   (A)   No person, either as owner, lessee, manager, officer or agent, or in any other capacity, shall operate or permit to be operated any video gaming terminal, as defined herein, at any premises within the city without first having obtained a video gaming license from the city. The license provided for in this chapter shall permit a licensee to operate video gaming terminals at the specified establishment.
   (B)   No applicant, including any person, either as owner, lessee, manager, officer or agent, shall be eligible for a video gaming license from the city, nor shall an existing license holder be entitled to maintain a video gaming license, unless each of the following requirements are met and continue to be met:
      (1)   The applicant holds the appropriate certificate or license from the state permitting video gaming and is in good standing with same;
      (2)   The applicant is not in arrears in any tax, fee or bill due to the city or state;
      (3)   The applicant has completed and complies with all the application requirements set forth in § 119.04 of this chapter and is not disqualified due to a felony, gambling offense or crime of moral turpitude; and
      (4)   The establishment is located outside of a residential zoning district.
   (C)   Large truck stop and regular truck stop establishments do not need to meet the requirements set forth in subsection (B) above.
   (D)   The Mayor shall be the approving authority for all licenses. In the event a licensee or prospective licensee disagrees with any action taken by the Mayor, an appeal may be made directly to the City Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting after written notice of the action from which an appeal is made.
(Ord. 3261, passed 3-8-2022)