§ 54.04 METERS.
   (A)   All connections to the water system of the city shall be equipped with a water meter of the size and type to be supplied and specified by the city at the expense of the property owner. Wherever possible the water meter shall be installed at the property line in a vault built to city specifications, and shall be located so that it is readily accessible to representatives of the city. Any change in location of the water meter or construction which will impair its accessibility must be approved by the Code Enforcement Officer.
   (B)   The city shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all water meters except where specifically excepted and the ownership of all water meters, except those specifically excepted shall remain with the city. The city shall, at all reasonable hours, have access to water meters and may remove and replace water meters when judged necessary or desirable by the Code Enforcement Officer at no expense to the property owner provided there is no evidence of willful or accidental damage to the water meter in which case property owners will be billed for repairs or replacement. The city shall, upon request, inspect and test the water meter to determine its condition and accuracy. Maintenance of the water meter shall not include the shut-off valve. Any necessary repair or replacement of the shut-off valve will be made by the owner. The plumbing system in any building shall be in such condition that normal water meter maintenance may be accomplished.
(2000 Code, § 54.04)