§ 153.1075 SIDEWALKS.
   (A)   Applicability. Sidewalks are required on both sides of all internal streets and the subdivision side of all adjacent or perimeter streets, except as specified in subsection (B) below. Reverse frontage lots shall have sidewalks provided on both street frontages.
   (B)   Sidewalk exceptions. The Planning Commission may waive all or part of the sidewalk requirements in the following situations:
      (1)   When the Code Enforcement Officer determines that the sidewalks will interfere with or disrupt drainage; and
      (2)   When the Code Enforcement Officer determines that public construction that requires sidewalk replacement will take place on the street within three years.
   (C)   Location. The field inspector may approve changes in the sidewalk location for a maximum linear distance of 200 feet without amending the street plan or utility layout provided if the plans are annotated with a note stating that intent. During the plat review process, reviewing agencies may designate areas where prior approval of the agency is necessary for any alteration to the sidewalk location. No other changes are permitted without the approval of all agencies that approved the original utility layout.
   (D)   Continuity. Sidewalks shall align vertically and horizontally with abutting sidewalks. Sidewalks shall not be installed in such a manner that they conflict with or are obstructed by power lines, telephone poles, fire hydrants, traffic/street signs, mailboxes, trees, buildings, barriers, light poles or any other structure. The grades of sidewalks shall not be such that grades greater than 10% are encountered within blocks. When there is an existing or anticipated obstruction, the sidewalk shall be installed around the object and shall provide the required sidewalk width. When utility layouts are required as part of a plat, the location and extent of sidewalks within the subdivision shall be shown on the utility layout and shall be subject to the approval of the Code Enforcement Officer and the utility agencies.
(Ord. 3020, passed 9-10-2013, § 5.23.11; Ord. 3160, passed 1-9-2018)