(a)   The following events be exempt from the payment of the application fee but are still required to submit a completed application form to the Safety/Service Director no later than 60 days prior to the anticipated community event date:
      (1)   Hope Foundation 5k
      (2)   Annie Oakley Parade
      (3)   Holiday Horse Parade
      (4)   Halloween Parade by Bluebag Media & MainStreet Greenville Beggars Night
      (5)   Greenville High School Homecoming Parade
      (6)   Memorial Day Parade
      (7)   Veteran's Day Parade
      (8)   Rolling 50's Car Show
      (9)   Treaty City Invitational Cross Country Meet
      (10)   Darke County Fair
      (11)   The Gathering at Garst
      (12)   Greenville High School Prom
      (13)   March for Babies
      (14)   Breast Cancer Run
      (15)   We Are the Majority
      (16)   YOLO (You Only Live Once) of Darke County
      (17)   Theater on 3rd
   (b)   The events set forth in division (a) above are exempt from the payment of the deposit as outlined in Section 217.03 and are further exempt from the payment of the usual and customary charges associated with the event.
(Ord. 12-15. Passed 3-6-12; Ord. 19-69. Passed 6-18-19.)