(a)   Interested property owners should complete a lottery form and return it to the Mayor's office by August 1 of each calendar year. (One form per property.)
   (b)   Eligibility to participate in the lottery process will be subject to the following restrictions:
      (1)   Only property owners living within the corporation limits will be eligible to participate in the lottery. Tenants are not eligible to participate.
      (2)   Property owners who fail to properly maintain either a replacement tree or lottery tree will not be eligible to participate in future lotteries.
      (3)   Property owners will not be eligible to receive a tree through the lottery process in two consecutive years.
   (c)   Budget permitting, on or before August 31, the Tree Commission will randomly select up to fifteen recipients.
   (d)   All lottery trees must be planted within the corporation limits and within the public right-of-way.
   (e)   All trees are subject to the City's tree planting restrictions and will require a permit (no charge).
   (f)   A maximum of fifteen trees will be awarded in any given year.
   (g)   All decisions made by the Tree Commission are final.
(Ord. 03-01.  Passed 1-7-03; Ord. 08-112.  Passed 11-18-08; Ord. 18-77.  Passed 7-17-18.)