(a)   Aboveground storage tanks for the storage of combustible or flammable liquids are prohibited, except as follows:
   Aboveground tanks shall be permitted for the storage of motor vehicle fuels on premises to which the public does not have access in Industrial Zoned Districts only. Installation of aboveground storage tanks in any other zoned areas of the City may be permitted at the discretion of the local Code Official. Aboveground tanks shall be used for private fleet fueling only.
      (1)   Aboveground tanks shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 30A and the specifications of UL 2085.
      (2)   Inventory records for aboveground tanks shall be maintained by the owner or operator of such tank.
      (3)   Permits shall be obtained from the State Fire Marshall for aboveground flammable and combustible liquid tank and fueling system installation.
   (b)   Bulk, processing or industrial plants, refineries or other plants and distilleries and all buildings, tanks and equipment used for the storage, processing, distillation, refining, or blending of flammable or combustible liquids that have been located, constructed, and used in accordance with the Ohio Basic Building Code and the standards listed in Appendix B of the Ohio Fire Code.
   (c)   Permits shall be obtained from the State Fire Marshall for above ground flammable and combustible liquid tank installation.
(Ord. 98-94. Passed 7-7-98.)