(a)   Operation and Maintenance Program  Greenville has one street sweeper that is used year-round (weather permitting) to remove debris from curb lines, thus preventing their discharge into the MS4. Greenville plans on maintaining this vehicle and using it to help remove debris.
   (b)   Government Employee Training Program  Annual training of key employees that routinely operate heavy equipment/vehicles will occur to provide standardized spill control procedures. It will be the goal to minimize/prevent the migration of leaks/spills of vehicle fluids into the MS4. Training in the proper use and disposal of absorbent materials will be provided.
   (c)   Program Description  Our program will include maintenance activities and schedules and long-term inspection procedures to reduce floatables and pollutants to the MS4. It will provide controls for reducing or eliminating the discharge of pollutants from streets, roads, highways, municipal parking lots, maintenance and storage yards, waste transfer stations, fleet or maintenance shops with outdoor storage areas, and salt/ sand storage locations and snow disposal areas. Procedures for proper disposal of waste removed from MS4 and municipal operations will be implemented, including dredge spoil, accumulated sediments, floatables and other debris. New flood management projects will assess impacts on water quality and we will assess existing projects for additional water quality protection devices or practices that could be added.
   (d)   Responsible Party 3.2,6.2.4.  The responsible party for overall management and implementation of the storm water post-construction runoff control program and the responsible party for each of the BMPs are defined in the table in the program overview chart above.
   (e)   Evaluation  Success will be measured by meeting the deadlines we have set for our work in developing this program for construction site storm water runoff control.
(Ord. 07-04.  Passed 1-23-07.)