(a)   Program and Priority Areas  Greenville requires erosion control measures to be installed prior to soil movement on construction sites. Routine inspections of these erosion controls practices are required. Greenville will develop standardized inspection procedures and tracking documents to ensure adequate inspections occur.
   (b)   Program and Community  This program will be tailored to the local community by minimizing water quality impacts through maintaining pre-development runoff conditions.
   (c)   Non-structural BMPs as Appropriate  Greenville requires minimum types of structural and non-structural measures to minimize erosion and sedimentation during construction operations. Greenville will review its list of approved BMPs and amend the list if warranted to improve BMP adequacy.
   (d)   Structural BMPs as Appropriate  As determined practicable by our community, we will incorporate structural BMPs such as detention/wet ponds, filtration via grassed swales, bio-retention cells, sand filters, filter strips, and infiltration basins/ trenches into the program.
   (e)   Regulatory Mechanisms  Greenville has adopted and enforces ordinances voted on by City Council. Greenville believes its current ordinances are adequate to allow the SWMP to be initially implemented. On-going review of ordinances will be required.
   (f)   Long-Term Operation and Maintenance  O&M will entail routine review of procedures used to enact BMPs. Through regional meetings with other MS4 representatives, we will amend our BMPs in a goal to enact “best in practice” procedures where appropriate.
   (g)   Responsible Party  The responsible party for overall management and implementation of the storm water post-construction runoff control program and the responsible party for each of the BMPs are defined in the table contained in the program overview chart above.
   (h)   Evaluation  Success will be measured by meeting the deadlines we have set for our work in developing our program for post-construction runoff control.
(Ord. 07-04.  Passed 1-23-07.)