(a)   Storm Sewer Map Development Process  Greenville maintains an undetermined number of miles of storm water lines and dozens of catch basins. Greenville plans on updating its mapping capabilities within the next several years.
   (b)   Regulatory Mechanism Development  Greenville currently has ordinances that prohibit the discharge of certain pollutants to the MS4. Greenville will review these ordinances to ensure prohibited discharges listed in the general NPDES permit are regulated.
   (c)   Enforcement and Implementation  Our program will ensure appropriate enforcement procedures and actions so that implementation of the illicit discharge detection and elimination program will be effective to the maximum extent practicable.
   (d)   Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination  Greenville staff will physically inspect storm water outfalls during dry periods of weather. If water is witnessed during these times, additional investigation of possible sources of discharge draining to each location will occur. Inspections of businesses and industries will occur to fully investigate possible sources. (*See permit additional requirements)
   (e)   Methods of Informing Various Audiences about the Hazards Associated with Illegal Discharges  Greenville will provide education to various audiences about the hazards of illicit discharges through public meetings and public service announcements on Greenville Public Access Television.
   (f)   Responsible Party  The responsible party for overall management and implementation of our storm water illicit discharge detection and elimination program and the responsible party for each of the BMPs are defined in the table included above.
   (g)   Evaluation  Success will be measured by meeting the deadlines we have set for our work in developing this program for detecting and eliminating illicit discharges.
(Ord. 07-04.  Passed 1-23-07.)