(a)   Involving the Public in the Storm Water Management Plan Development  Greenville will involve the public in development of its SWMP by complying with public notice requirements and local media announcements.
   (b)   Involving the Public in Program Development and Implementation  As our program is researched and developed during the permit period, we will involve a citizen committee in an advisory capacity.
   (c)   Target Audiences  Our Public Involvement and Participation program targets several audiences: children, the general public, and decision-makers. We will utilize methods and messengers that appeal to and reach the broadest possible spectrum of ethnic and economic audiences. Many of our programs will involve affected stakeholder groups such as private businesses, environmental groups, homeowners' associations, and educational institutions.
   (d)   Activities  The activities that we have chosen are listed in Table 2. They include citizen volunteer monitoring, support and participation in water festivals, and participation in a network of non-profits, agencies, businesses, and citizens who are interested in protecting the Great Miami River watershed. Greenville will develop an SWMP-specific section on its web page (www.cityofgreenville.org).
   (e)   Responsible Party  The Miami Conservancy District and the City of Greenville is responsible for oversight and implementation of the Public Involvement and Participation program for the communities listed in Table 1.
   (f)   Evaluation  Success will be measured by meeting the deadlines for completing the goals set for implementing the Public Involvement and Participation program.
(Ord. 07-04.  Passed 1-23-07.)