(a)   The plan outlines the six minimum control measures that are expected to result in significant reductions in pollutants discharged by Greenville.
   (b)   The six minimum controls are:
      (1)   Public education and outreach on storm water impacts
      (2)   Public involvement/participation
      (3)   Illicit discharge detection and elimination
      (4)   Construction site storm water runoff control
      (5)   Post-construction storm water management in new development and redevelopment
      (6)   Pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations
   (c)   Each measure will be addressed separately below. Please note that in some cases, the “start” and “end” dates have been listed as “permit coverage date +           months”, or “PCD +         months”. Because the City of Greenville does not know when permit coverage will be officially conveyed by Ohio EPA, listing dates in such a manner will allow Greenville the full time period it believes is required to implement the BMP covered.
(Ord. 07-04.  Passed 1-23-07.)