Whenever the Board of Health is satisfied that the number of persons occupying any tenement building or rooms in the City is so great as to be the cause of nuisance, sickness or danger or a source of filth dangerous to the health of the neighborhood or community, or wherever apartments used for lodging are damp and considered unhealthful or are not provided with water, privies or vaults, the Board of Health shall serve a written notice on the owner, agent or occupant requesting the correction or removal of the objection named or may order the apartment partially or entirely vacated. No owner, agent or occupant shall neglect or refuse to obey such notice. In the event of such neglect or refusal the Board of Health is hereby authorized, after five days notice, to forcibly remove such tenants or persons and their goods and effects from such premises. Such remedy shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 1464.99.
(1960 Code Sec. 1309. 01)