A committee composed of the Director of Public Safety, the City Engineer and the Superintendent of Streets may, upon application in writing and for good cause shown, issue a special permit in writing authorizing the applicant to operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles upon any public street, highway, alley, square or other public thoroughfare, or part thereof, in the City, which vehicle or combination thereof moves or attempts to move any dwelling, business room, stable, barn, building or other structure, or which vehicle or combination thereof is of a size or weight of vehicle or load exceeding the maximum specified in Ohio R. C . 5577.01 through 5577. 03 .
   Before such special permit is issued, such committee small inspect the vehicle, the load proposed to be moved and the streets, highways, alleys, squares or other public thoroughfares and route to be used in such proposed move. No such permit shall be issued unless at least a majority of the members of such committee votes in favor of the issuance of such permit. The application for such permit shall be in such form, and shall be considered in accordance with such rules and regulations, as are promulgated by the committee and as may, from time to time, be amended. No person shall violate or fail to comply with any such rule or regulation.
   The application shall be accompanied by a certificate of insurance and endorsement in an amount specified by the committee, to indemnify the City and property owners against all damage and loss which might be occasioned to persons or to streets, highways, alleys, squares, other public thoroughfares, sidewalks, shade trees and all other property along the route upon which such move is to occur. A surety bond in the same amount may be submitted in lieu of the certificate of insurance and endorsement. Such certificates of insurance and surety bonds shall be deposited with the City Auditor.
(Ord. 86-46. Passed 6-17-86.)