The fire limits of the Municipality shall comprise the following area:
   Beginning at the intersection of West Fourth Street and Elm Street; thence northwest on Elm Street to Greenville Creek; thence northwest along the northwest bank of Greenville Creek to a point where Ash Street, if extended, would cross the Creek; thence southeast along Ash Street to East Fifth Street; thence northeast along East Fifth Street to Green Street; thence south on Green Street to Martin Street; thence east along Martin Street to Hiddeson Avenue; thence south on Hiddeson Avenue to Twelfth Street; thence west on Twelfth Street to Gray Avenue; thence north on Gray Avenue to Armstrong Street; thence west on Armstrong Street to Central Avenue; thence north on Central Avenue to its intersection with West Fourth Street and Elm Street, this being the place of beginning.
(Ord. 64-56. Passed 8-18-64. )