1444.03   NEW STATIONS.
   No person shall erect, construct, maintain or cause to be' maintained any new station or place of business at any new location within the City not now being used for such purpose, if such station or place of business is to be engaged principally in the sale of gasoline or other volatile liquids, and has or will have for that purpose aboveground or underground storage tanks of a capacity of more than fifty gallons, unless such person:
   (a)   Secures the written consent of fifty-one percent of all property owners owning property within a radius of 400 feet from the center of the site on which it is proposed to erect and maintain gasoline tanks and pumps or a building for the purpose of conducting a filling station; and
   (b)   Files with the Director of Public Service an application setting forth a detailed description of the proposed building and equipment to be used therein, together with all plans and specifications therefor and the written consent of the property owners as required herein.
(1960 Code Sec. 1305.03)