1064.03   TRAFFIC.
   (a)   General Regulations.
      (1)   The speed limit on Harmon Drive, Park Drive and Wilson Drive east of North Broadway shall be 25 miles per hour except as may otherwise be provided for by school zone speed requirements.
      (2)   Stop signs shall be erected on Harmon Drive at the pedestrian crosswalk at the entrance of the swimming pool to stop vehicular traffic going east on Harmon Drive and west on Harmon Drive.
      (3)   Stop signs shall be erected to stop vehicular traffic entering from the parking lot next to the Band Shell onto Harmon Drive.
(Ord. 74-27. Passed 4-16-74.)
      (4)   The street running from Harmon Drive northeast past the swimming pool and terminating at the parking lot behind the Band Shell shall be known as Band Shell Drive. The flow of traffic upon Band Shell Drive shall be one-way in a southwesterly direction and the speed limit on Band Shell Drive shall be ten miles per hour.
(Ord. 86-05. Passed 2-4-86.)
      (5)   All vehicular traffic on the above-named public ways shall yield to pedestrians.
(Ord. 74-27. Passed 4-16-74.)
   (b)   Driving Over Foot Bridges. No person shall drive any motor vehicle over any of the four bridges in the park areas, namely:
      (1)   The suspension bridge, commonly called the Swinging Bridge, over Greenville Creek, linking the main City Park with the City Park area known as the Altar of Peace area; and
      (2)   The bridge between and over the two park lagoons, which are located in the main park area north of Wilson Drive and north of the suspension bridge.
(Ord. 67-26. Passed 6-6-67; Ord. 86-05. Passed 2-4-86.)