1060.02   DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter
   (a)   “Residential unit” means a place of abode for a family, person or persons living separately or together as an independent family.
   (b)   “Double family residence” means the grouping together of two residential units under a common roof.
   (c)   “Multifamily residence” means the grouping together of three or more residential units under a common roof and shall constitute a commercial customer.
   (d)   “Solid waste” means garbage, rubbish and discarded household goods as defined in divisions (e), (f) and (g) hereof.
   (e)   “Garbage” means all waste or offal of fish, fowl, fruit or vegetable or animal matter resulting from the preparation of food for human consumption in residential homes and restaurant-type operations.
   (f)   “Rubbish” means paper, boxes, baskets, wood, rags, old clothing, leather, glass, crockery, tin cans, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, newspapers, magazines, cardboard and other similar items.
   (g)   “Bulky items” means oversize or bulky items such as small appliances (vacuum cleaners, etc.), cardboard cartons, except large moving cartons, with material in them, dry and capable of being picked up without the bottom tearing out, tires, bundled brush not exceeding forty-eight inches in length and eighteen inches in diameter, and other small household items which will be picked up, provided a bag is tied around each item or group of items tied together, which bag can be picked up by one man in one motion. Large appliances, pieces of furniture and items too large for one man and one motion pick-up shall be picked up on a special pick-up basis.
   (h)   “Container” means a metal or plastic container, subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   All plastic bags shall be placed either at the alley or curb side or be visible from the point of pick-up for all residential or commercial customers and shall be of a type approved by the Director of Public Safety/Service. The officially designated plastic bags shall have “City of Greenville” imprinted on them and shall be one distinct color. The bag shall have a minimum two-mill thickness as well as a thirty-gallon minimum capacity.
      (2)   Small commercial establishments, such as beauty shops, barber shops, etc., that can be collected once a week on the regular route in their area, shall be permitted to use a bag system.
      (3)   Larger containers for commercial accounts may be an all-metal unit which is leakproof and supplied to the customer by the Collector.
(Ord. 89-158. Passed 11-7-89; Ord. 07-41.  Passed 4-3-07.)