A storm water service charge shall be assessed to each and every lot and parcel of land within the corporate limits of the City including but not limited to those that are tributary directly or indirectly to the storm water system of the City and the owner thereof that contains impervious area. This charge is not related to the water and/or sewer service and does not rely on occupancy of the premises to be in effect and is hereinbefore provided, and in the amount determinable as follows:
   (a)   For any such property, lot, parcel of land, building or premises, such charge shall be based upon the quantity of impervious area situated thereon.
   (b)   All properties having impervious area within the City will be assigned an equivalent residential unit (ERU) or a multiple thereof, with all properties of having impervious area receiving at least one ERU.
      (1)   Residential properties. All residential properties will be assigned one ERU. A flat rate service charge will apply to all residential properties.
      (2)   Nonresidential properties. Nonresidential properties will be assigned an ERU multiple based upon the properties' individually measured impervious area, in square feet, divided by 2,800 square feet, or one ERU. This division will be calculated to the first decimal place and rounded according to mathematical convention.
      (3)   Base rate.  City Council shall, by resolution, establish the base rate for the storm water utility service charge. The base rate shall be calculated to ensure adequate revenues to fund the expenditures of storm water management and to provide for the operation, maintenance, and capital improvements of the storm water system within the City limits.
(Ord. 07-130.  Passed 12-4-07; Ord. 13-66.  Passed 8-16-13.)