(a)   Definition. As used in this section, "water use restriction" means restriction of the use of water from City lines for a period of time as determined by the Mayor or other person as authorized in thus section, where there exists insufficient or inadequate water supply or pressure to provide safe and adequate water service to the City or portions thereof.
   (b)   Authorization. The Mayor or other person, as authorized in this section, is hereby authorized to declare a water use restriction for the entire City, or portions thereof, whenever the Mayor or such other person determines that significant water supply or pressure problems exist within the City, or portions thereof, to warrant such action. Such restriction shall exist from the time it is formally announced until the time it is formally cancelled.
   (c)   Announcement by News Media. Whenever a water use restriction is declared, the Mayor or other authorized person shall request the local news media to announce the existence of the restriction, its time of operation and the area in which it will apply. Cancellation shall be accomplished in the same manner.
   (d)   Prohibitions on Water Use. Whenever a water use restriction is in effect, all forms of nonessential water use, including lawn sprinkling, car washing or uses specifically set forth by the Mayor or other authorized person, within the water use restriction, shall be prohibited, except to the extent that such water use comes from a private water supply.
   (e)   Absence or Inability of Mayor. In the absence or inability of the Mayor to declare such water use restriction, the President of Council shall be vested with all of the same rights, duties and obligations afforded to the Mayor in this regard.
   (f)   Application of Prohibition. Once such a water use restriction is declared, the prohibition set forth in this section shall apply to all persons who receive water service as provided by the City, whether such person resides within the City or resides outside of the City but receives City water service through City-owned and maintained water lines.
(Ord. 89-40. Passed 4-18-89. )