(a)   The billing of all water use, fees, surcharges and penalties shall be done in accordance with the Rules and Regulations Governing the Operation of the Greenville Municipal Water Supply System and billing procedures for the City of Greenville, Ohio.
   (b)   The following rates for the product and services of the waterworks system are hereby established for all bills rendered as set forth hereafter.
Minimum Charges. Includes the First 10
Units of Water (1 Unit Equals 100 Cubic Feet)
Quarterly Minimum of :
5/8-inch meter service
3/4-inch meter service
1-inch meter service
1-1/2-inch meter service
2-inch meter service
3-inch meter service
4-inch meter service
6-inch meter service
8-inch meter service
Number of Units
Cost per Unit
All Units Above 10
   (c)   The rates and charges set forth in subsection (b) hereof are established in order to pay the expense of operating, maintaining and managing the waterworks system of the City and to make adequate provision for payment of the principal of, interest on, and other fund requirements of, any waterworks system improvement general obligation bonds, or waterworks system improvement general obligation notes, which may be issued to pay costs of extensions to or improvements of such waterworks system.
   (d)   The funds received from the collection of the rates and charges set forth. in subsection (b) hereof shall be deposited as received with the Treasurer of the City who shall keep the same in a separate fund designated the "Waterworks System Revenue Fund, q' which Fund is hereby established, subject to such terms, conditions and restrictions as may be hereinafter recited or created in any ordinance or indenture of mortgage authorizing the issuance of or securing mortgage revenue bonds for such waterworks system. All moneys in such Fund shall be used for the payment of the cost and expense of the operation, maintenance, repair and management of such waterworks system and for the payment of the principal of, interest on, premium, if any, and other charges on, bonds or notes issued to pay costs of any extensions to or improvements of such waterworks system. Any surplus in such Fund, over and above the requirements and restrictions hereinbefore mentioned, may be used for enlargement or improvement of, or replacements to, such waterworks system.
   (e)   Rates to be charged for the purchase of water from the City in bulk quantities shall be as follows:
Bulk Rate
Cost Per 1,000 Gallons
1,000 gallons
Each additional 1,000 gallons
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