Small Trees
Less than 30 feet high at maturity; recommended planting strip should not be less than two feet wide.
Flowering Crabapples (Spring Snow, Centurion, Harvest Gold, Madonna varieties) - abundant flowers in spring, small fruits in fall, narrow form.
Golden Raintree - feathery, light green foliage. Large clusters of bright yellow flowers emerge in July.
Trident Maple - brilliant red fall color, compact head of small, shiny leaves.
Hedge Maple - small leaves, single trunk tree.
Medium Trees
Less than 45 feet high at maturity; recommended planting strip should not be less than three feet wide.
Hawthorn (Washington and Winter King varieties) - white flowers in spring followed by small red fruits persisting through winter.
Little Leaf Linden - small dense, dark green foliage and inconspicuous small, fragrant flowers in June; Gieneven and Greenspice varieties recommended.
Callery Pear - pyramid tree bearing large masses of white flowers and tiny fruit; fall color is wine red; Redspire and Chaticleer or Cleveland Select varieties recommended.
Red Maple (cultivated varieties) - well formed tree produced colorful, fall foliage. Armstrong is narrow formed; Red Sunset and October Glory varieties are broader in form.
Hop Hornbeam - slow growing with dense elm-like foliage; bark peels in thin strips for an attractive appearance.
Sargent Cherry - narrow tree, glossy dark green leaves, small black cherries.
Large Trees
Exceeding 45 feet high at maturity; recommended planting strip should not be less than four feet wide.
Thornless Honeylocust (Imperial, Shademaster, Halka and Skyline varieties) - graceful, spreading variety casts light shade; no leaf problem.
Red Oak - massive tree with broad top; relatively fast growing. Ash-adaptable to most sites; relatively fast growing.
Black Tupelo - a pyramid upright tree produces beautiful, fall color; grows well in poorly drained, most soils.
Sweetgum - a broadly pyramidal tree with star-shaped leaves that turn bright scarlet in autumn; interesting corky bark.
London Plane - a vigorous, quick growing tree with a tall, straight trunk, flaky bark is light-colored underneath. Silver.
Linden - a spreading upright tree with leaves that appear two-tone in autumn.
Sugar Maple - broad, round-headed shade tree provides beautiful fall color.
(Ord. 18-77.  Passed 7-17-18.)