1.   Apple
Fruit objectionable on street; insect pests, disease-prone
2.   Ash
Susceptible to Ash Borer
3.   Birch
Susceptible to disease
4.   Black Locust
Insect pests
5.   Box Elder
Breakage and insect pests
6.   Catalpa
Coarse; insect pests
7.   Edible Fruit (all)
Fruit objectionable on street; insect pests; messy
8.   Moline Elm
9.   Siberian Elm (Chinese Elm)
10.   European Mountain Ash
Susceptible to being blown over by wind
11.   Evergreens
Cause severe obstructions to vision of traffic and signs
12.   Ginkgo (Female)
Offensive smelling berries
13.   Horse Chestnut
Leaf blight; messy
14.   Mulberry
Fruit objectionable on street
15.   Poplars
Breakage; insect pests; disease-prone; root system clogs sewers and pipes
16.   Silver Maple
Breakage; root system clogs sewers and pipes
17.   Tree of Heaven
Coarse; breakage
18.   Tulip Tree
Insect pests; leaves drop during dry periods
19.   Willows
Breakage; insect and disease prone; root system clogs sewers and pipes
20.   Any other type of tree having similar problems as listed above
For species not specifically described as permitted or prohibited, verification as to its acceptability may be necessary. Such verification may be done by contracting a reputable plant nursery or by contacting the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, 777 Columbus Avenue, Lebanon, Ohio 45036. Telephone: (513)932-6836.
(Ord. 11-56.  Passed 6-7-11.)