If any owner, lessee, contractor or other person engaged in the drilling of gas or oil wells, as provided in this chapter, has commenced the drilling of any oil or gas well prior to the effective date of this chapter (Ordinance 64-40, passed June 16, 1964), the provisions of Sections 844. 01 to 844. 12, inclusive, shall not apply to such well. All other sections of this chapter shall be in full force and effect and applicable to such wells and to the operations incident thereto. Within the meaning of this chapter, a gas or oil well shall be deemed commenced when there is in existence a valid and subsisting lease, which has become a matter of public record, contract or other agreement in writing providing for the drilling of such oil or gas well and the driller, contractor or other person engaged in such operation has placed his rigging and equipment on the premises specified in his agreement, lease or contract and has begun to erect his rig for the purpose of drilling such oil or gas well.
(Ord. 64-40. Passed 6-16-64.)