(a)   It shall be the duty of any person in the drilling of a well to provide for a drilling control gate, which shall be so constructed as to effectively cut off the flow of gas at the top of the well and which can be operated at a point remote from the well.
   (b)   In any event all casing which is inserted into a gas or oil well shall be so constructed as to withstand pressure of at least 2, 000 pounds per square inch.
   (c)   The annular space between the casing and well wall shall be filled from below the Big Injun sand to the surface with prepared clay, cement, rock sediment or bentonite to prevent any migration of water. If bentonite is used, the mixture shall be not less than two parts bentonite and one part ground fire clay and shall be circulated under pressure to the top of the hole.
   (d)   The mixture provided for in subsection (c) hereof shall apply in the mudding of the Berea grit casing.
(Ord. 64-40. Passed 6-16-64.)