The Director of Public Service shall issue the permit applied for upon receipt of the application duly approved by the Planning Commission and upon the furnishing of a bond by the applicant of one hundred thousand dollars ($100, 000) in a form and with a surety approved by the Mayor and the City Solicitor, conditioned upon the faithful observance of all laws relating to drilling oil and gas wells. The bond shall be further conditioned upon the permittee's or his assigns' restoration of any street, sidewalk or other public place of the City which may be disturbed in the operation to its former condition; clearing the area of all litter, machinery, derricks, buildings, oil and other substances used or allowed in the drilling or producing operation, whenever the well is abandoned or the operation discontinued; and paying to the owners of any buildings, improvements, goods or chattels located in the area any extra cost of insurance on such property imposed by reason of the granting of the permit and any and all damages suffered by any person, as to property in the City, from fire, over and above the insurance collected thereon, or from oil, gas or water caused by or originating from the operation connected with such well; and holding the City free and harmless from any and all liability growing out of the granting of such permit.
(Ord. 64-40. Passed 6-16-64.)