The application for a permit to drill for oil or gas in the City or on any City owned or leased property shall be made to the Director of Public Service as herein provided and such application shall have attached thereto the signature of the owners of seventy-five percent of the foot frontage of the improved property bounding and abutting the proposed site for the drilling of a well for which the application is made.  Such application shall plainly state thereon that the persons whose signatures are affixed thereto do thereby give their assent to the drilling of the well for oil or gas.  However, if the proposed site for a well is located a distance of 300 feet or  more from any abutting property the assenting signatures herein provided for shall not be required.  Measurement for determining the distance of 300 feet shall be made from the exact location where it is contemplated that the well shall be drilled.
(Ord. 64-40.  Passed 6-14-64.)