If, at any time during the three-month period set forth in Section 832.04, an application is filed with the City Auditor, making it appear that all the goods in the original inventory have not been sold, accompanied by an inventory of what remains, showing the wholesale purchase price and the date of purchase, one supplemental license for a period not to exceed thirty days may be issued by the City Auditor if, in the opinion of said City Auditor, the applicant has complied with the requirements of the original license and has paid an additional license fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00). Such license shall continue in effect only as long as such license fee is paid and the licensee complies with the provisions of this chapter. Any application for a license under the provisions of this chapter covering any goods, wares or merchandise previously inventoried and licensed shall be deemed to be an application for a renewal under this section, whether presented by the original applicant or by any other person.
(Ord. 93-171. Passed 10-5-93.)