Upon notice in writing being given to the Police Department that any person is the owner of electrical equipment, the use or operation of which interferes with the reception of radio receiving sets in the City, the Police Department shall investigate the cause of such electrical interference and report its findings to the Director of Public Safety. The Director, upon receipt of the report, shall, if in his opinion conditions so warrant, order the Police Department to notify the owner, operator or user of such electrical apparatus to immediately repair or suspend from use such appliance until the same has been altered or repaired so that electrical interference no longer exists. In the event that any electrical appliance interferes in any way with the reception of any radio receiving or sending set of the Police Department, the Police Department is authorized and directed to order the owner, operator or user of such electrical appliance to cease its operation until repairs or alterations are made so as to eliminate such interference. For this purpose the Police Department shall have the right to enter into any building in the City to remedy such condition. In the event that the owner, user or operator of such electrical appliance does not cooperate, the Police Department shall disconnect such electrical appliance so that the same cannot be operated. Such action shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 824. 99. No person shall refuse to comply with any notice or order of the Police Department issued pursuant to this section and no person shall refuse to grant any member of the Police Department access to any building or part thereof for the purpose of remedying conditions that are in violation of this section.
(Ord. F-54. Passed 12-26-39.)