(a)   The Police Department shall issue nontransferable parking permits to any person desiring to use a parking space when working on or delivering merchandise or materials to any building in the area covered by the permit. At the same time, the Police Department shall issue a sign to be placed and/or displayed by the holder thereof in the area of the parking space to be used.
   (b)   Prior to the issuance of the sign to be legally displayed and used for the purpose set forth in division (a) of this section, a charge of three dollars ($3.00) per day for each sign used shall be assessed to the holder thereof, beginning with the day each such sign is issued, with a special charge of fifty dollars ($50.00), which shall be made and collected by the Department for use of any parking space for which a sign has been issued to a permit holder for a period of 90 consecutive days.
(Ord. 98-80. Passed 6-16-98.)