(a)   The Director of Public Safety and the Chief of Police are hereby authorized to create parking locations and privileges along the public streets of the City for handicapped individuals, provided that application for such special parking privileges is made through the office of the Director. The Director must be satisfied that a handicapped condition does exist and may require a physician's certification as to the handicap.
   (b)   The Director, in agreement with the Chief, shall determine that there is no other reasonable alternative to the creation of a special parking location than to restrict the use of a metered or unmetered parking area.
   (c)   The Director and/or the Chief shall determine time limits for the use of such special parking locations and the City shall post signs indicating that the area is restricted for use by the handicapped persons for certain periods. The Director and/or the Chief shall have authority to revoke such special parking privileges when conditions no longer indicate their necessity. Council shall be kept advised as to the creation of such parking locations.
(Ord. 77-87. Passed 9-20-77.)