(a)   (1)   Any police officer having reason to believe that the weight of a vehicle and its load is unlawful may require the driver of such vehicle to stop and submit to a weighing of it by means of portable or stationary scales and may require that such vehicle be driven to the nearest public scales.
      (2)   Whenever such officer, upon weighing a vehicle and load, determines that the weight is unlawful, he may require the driver to stop the vehicle in a suitable place and remain standing until such portion of the load is removed as is necessary to reduce the gross weight of such vehicle to the limit permitted.
(ORC 4513.33)
   (b)   All drivers of vehicles described in this chapter are required, upon request by any member of the Police Department, to give full and true information as to the route they are following and the name of the consignor and consignee and place of delivery or removal and the location of any consignment being hauled or goods being removed, and upon a designation by such police officer of a route to be followed, shall immediately adopt and pursue such route.
(Ord. 60-100. Passed 12-6-60.)