Commercial and Heavy Vehicles
440.01   Load limits.
440.02   Maximum width, height and length.
440.025   Size restrictions for travel on unnamed alley.
440.03   Wheel protectors.
440.04   Vehicles transporting explosives.
440.05   Towing requirements; exception to size and weight restrictions.
440.06   Loads dropping, leaking or shifting; tracking mud; removal required.
440.07   Vehicles with spikes, lugs and chains.
440.08   Occupying travel trailer or manufactured home while in motion; riding in cargo storage area or on tailgate.
440.09   Use of trailers as residences.
440.10   Removal of excess load; information as to contents.
440.11   Night parking in residential districts.  (Repealed)
440.12   Chauffeured limousines.
440.13   Stopping, standing or parking.
440.14   Excessive engine braking noise prohibited.
440.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Display of certificates of registration - see Ohio R.C. 4549.18
   Arrest notice of drivers - see Ohio R.C. 5577.14
   Stopping at grade crossings - see TRAF. 432.32, 432.33
   Slow-moving equipment at grade crossings - see TRAF. 432.33
   Fatigued or ill drivers - see TRAF. 442.09
   Commercial curb loading zones - see TRAF. 452.09
   Bus stops and taxicab stands - see TRAF. 452.11