The installation and display of pole-mounted banners on and along Broadway in the City shall be governed by the following regulations:
   (a)   All such banners shall be installed and removed only by employees of the City;
   (b)   Seasonal banners shall be changed on or about the following dates:
      (1)   Spring - March 20;
      (2)   Summer - June 21;
      (3)   Fall - September 22; and
      (4)   Winter - November 20.
   (c)   The content and design of all special event banners shall be pre-approved by the Director of Public Safety and Service and shall not be designed or constructed so as to be construed or to depict any evidence of endorsement or sponsorship by the City of the message or event depicted on the banner, unless specifically approved otherwise by appropriate action by the City Council.
   (d)   The locations at which such special event banners shall be permitted for display shall be as follows:
      (1)   Two at the intersection of Third and Broadway;
      (2)   Two at the intersection of Fourth and Broadway;
      (3)   Two at the intersection of Fifth and Broadway;
      (4)   Four on the Public Circle; and
      (5)   Two at the intersection of Water Street and Broadway.
   (e)   Special event banners depicting a specific event shall not be hung more than one month prior to the conduct of the event promoted thereby; and the same shall be removed not more than one week following the end of the event so sponsored.
   (f)   Special event banners shall not be printed to display a commercial, political or specific religious message.
   (g)   The cost incident to the purchase of special event banners shall be the responsibility of the agency, person or entity requesting display of the same, and the City shall not be responsible for any banners that are stolen, vandalized, destroyed or damaged or otherwise become missing from the poles upon which the same are displayed, once the same have been mounted for such display.
   (h)   There is hereby established a fee for the installation of special event banners at the rate of ten dollars ($10.00) per banner for each and every banner displayed, up to a maximum of 12 such banners or an aggregate total of one hundred twenty dollars ($120.00).
   (i)   Any pole-mounted special event banner heretofore authorized and approved by the City during the calendar year 1999 may continue to be displayed during calendar years 2000, 2001, and 2002, without payment of the aforementioned per banner installation cost; however, commencing in the calendar year 2003, all parties wishing to display such special event pole-mounted banners shall pay the appropriate installation cost, as set forth herein, or as the same may hereinafter be modified by appropriate action of Council.
   (j)   All special event banners, once removed from display, shall be retrieved by the sponsor of such banners at the City Garage within one week of being notified of said removal. The City shall not be responsible for banners left unclaimed for a period in excess of one week after such notification.
(Ord. 00-63. Passed 6-6-00.)