Income Tax Administrator
EDITOR'S NOTE: Provisions relating to the Income Tax Administrator are contained in Ordinance 74-94, passed November 5, 1974, the Earned Income Tax, which, because it is separately published, is not codified. Income Tax Rules and Regulations have been promulgated by the Administrator and the same were approved by Council by Resolution 74-98, passed November 3, 1974. Copies of this legislation may be obtained from the City Auditor. There are no sections in Chapter 238. This chapter has been established to provide a place for cross references and any future legislation.
   Power to levy income tax - see Ohio Const., Art. XVIII, Sec. 3
   Payroll deductions - see Ohio R. C . 9. 42
   Municipal income taxes - see Ohio R. C. Ch. 718
   Appointment and removal of Tax Administrator - see Adm. 236.03