The City Auditor is hereby authorized to expend a sum, not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) per occurrence, for damage claims submitted and approved in accordance with this section, which are found to be the legal responsibility of a City employee or representative and caused by such employee or representative while in the course and scope of such employee's employment with or representation of the City, or caused as the result of City or representative-owned property. However, each of the following requirements shall be met prior to such expenditure:
   (a)   A report shall be submitted by the department head under whose supervision the responsible employee or representative or property is employed or managed, which report shall detail the nature of the damage claim, the monetary amount thereof and the grounds upon which the allegation of employee/representative/ property responsibility is based.  Such report shall be signed by the department head.
   (b)   Such report shall be submitted by the department head to the Director of Public Safety or the Director of Public Service or the Chairperson of the Park Board, whoever is applicable as the department head's ultimate supervisor, for approval or rejection.  If approved by either the Director or the Chairperson, as applicable, such approval shall be duly noted on such report.
   (c)   Once the report has been approved, as provided in division (b) of this section, the same shall be submitted to the Director of Law for review.  If the Director approves such report and thereby recommends that the City honor the claim as submitted, the Director shall indicate his or her approval of the claim and thereafter submit the claim to the City Auditor for payment in accordance with the monetary limitations imposed in this section.
(Ord. 83-112. Passed 11-1-83; Ord. 01-96.  Passed 7-3-01.)