(a)   For copies of public records requested by the public, a standard fee of five cents ($0.05) per page or sheet is hereby established, which fee shall be charged by all City departments, except as hereinafter provided.
   (b)   All requests for copies of public documents shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions of applicable Ohio law.
(Ord. 10-56.  Passed 8-3-10.)
   (c)   Any person who shall order copies of public documents, either orally or in writing, but who shall fail to retrieve said ordered copies, shall be billed for such copies at the fee set forth in division (a) hereof. 
   (d)   Any request for public documents which are not readily available or which involve the copying of public records of ten pages or more, shall be complied with within three business days after the request for the copying of such documents is made.
   (e)   The fee for the copying of public records shall be made the subject of a regular review by Council, in an interval of not less than every other year, with the first such review being scheduled in 1994.
(Ord. 92-78.  Passed 6-2-92.)
   (f)   A person who is indigent may be exempted from the requirement of the payment of the fee for copies of public records, as established pursuant to this section, under the following conditions:
      (1)   Any such person is determined by the Mayor or the Director of Public Safety/Service to be indigent under the same conditions and considerations, and employing the same forms, as would otherwise qualify such person for the appointment of legal counsel for indigent defendants in the Greenville Mayor's Court, pursuant to Section 280.01 of these Codified Ordinances;
      (2)   Any such person makes no more than two requests for free copies of public records during any calendar year;
      (3)   The number of copies requested to be reproduced at any such request does not exceed 100 pages in the aggregate;
      (4)   All such requests for free copies shall be submitted to the Mayor or the Director of Public Safety/Service, in writing; and
      (5)   Upon providing free copies of public documents hereunder, a report of the same shall be submitted to the City Auditor for audit purposes.
(Ord. 97-16.  Passed 2-18-97; Ord, 01-57.  Passed 5-1-01.)
   (g)   Notwithstanding anything stated herein to the contrary, no fee shall be assessed to, or collected from, the public for the dissemination of Federal tax materials by and through the City of Greenville Income Tax Department.
(Ord. 02-129.  Passed 11-5-02.)