(a)   Adoption. The flag designed by Dr. John R. Alley in 1970 as part of the 175th anniversary of the signing of the treaty with the Indians by Anthony Wayne is hereby adopted as the official flag for the City.
(Ord. 79-52. Passed 5-15-79.)
   (b)   Distribution.
      (1)   City flags shall be distributed, without charge, to the following organizations, groups and other entities:
         A.   All buildings used for City operations with an existing flag pole;
         B.   The appropriate representatives of Grunstadt, Germany;
         C.   The Garst Museum;
         D.   The Greenville Board of Education, ten flags for distribution among the schools;
         E.   The Greenville Public Library;
         F.   The St. Clair Memorial Hall; and
         G.   The Darke County Courthouse/Darke County Commissioners.
      (2)   Five flags shall be distributed to local businesses and industries within the City limits, at the discretion of the Mayor.
   (c)   Etiquette. Flag etiquette, as accorded to the national and State flags, shall also apply to the display of the City flag.
(Ord. 96-175. Passed 12-3-96.)