Copies of the City's Codified Ordinances and the Zoning Subdivision Regulations, together with published updates thereto, shall be placed, without fee, in the following locations or with the following individuals:
   (a)   The County Law Library;
   (b)   The County Common Pleas Court, General Division;
   (c)   The County Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Division;
   (d)   The Darke County Municipal Court;
   (e)   The Greenville Public Library;
   (f)   The Secretary of the Community Improvement Corporation;
   (g)   The Media Center, Greenville Senior High School; and
   (h)   The Darke County Health Department.
(Ord. 91-103.  Passed 8-20-91; Ord. 05-61.  Passed 5-17-05.)