(A)   For the purpose of this section "TRUCK" shall mean tractor, trailer, semi-trailer, or tractor-trailer combination, or any truck exceeding 8,000 pounds.
   (B)   The Mayor and Board of Works and Safety are authorized, by resolution or executive order, to establish and determine those public streets and alleys that shall not be traveled by trucks and similar motor vehicles.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful to operate any truck or motor vehicle, as defined in division (A) herein, on a public street or alley within the city limits that has been closed to such vehicle by proper order or resolution. The Chief of Police shall designate those streets by appropriate signs.
   (D)   This section shall not apply to those vehicles that are temporarily traveling streets or alleys in order to reach a specific destination for the purpose of loading or unloading goods or merchandise.
   (E)   Any person who violates this section shall commit a Class C violation and be fined not more than $25 for each offense.
(Ord. 1977-12, passed 6-6-77; Am. Ord. 1999-10, passed 9-7-99)