A.   Limitations:
      1.   No license granted or issued under the provisions of the ordinances of the city shall be deemed to be assignable or transferable, or to authorize any person other than the person therein mentioned or named to do business, or to authorize any other business than is therein mentioned or named to be done or transacted.
      2.   Persons to whom one or more licenses have been issued to transact or carry on some business at a definite location in the city may, except as hereinafter provided, make application for the transfer of said licenses for the sole purposes of transacting or carrying on the same business as is therein mentioned at some other definite location in the city. Applications therefor shall be filed with the license official ten (10) days in advance of the proposed change. The city, after receiving reports furnished by the license official or his authorized agent, may, in its discretion, deny or grant the transfer of licenses according to the above limitations. No change shall be permitted without full compliance with the building and zoning requirements of this code.
   B.   Transfer Fee Or Fee For Changes In Partnerships And Associations: In the event of a transfer of location as described in subsection A of this section or in the event a partnership or association applies to delete the name or names of an individual or group of individuals from its license, a new license will be reissued for transfer of location or in the name of the new partnership or association provided a fee in the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) is paid. (Ord. 05-20-03B, 5-20-2003)