A.   Definitions: Whenever used in this chapter, the following terms shall mean:
LICENSE DEPARTMENT: The license office of the city.
LICENSE OFFICIAL: The city recorder or other designee appointed by the city.
   B.   Office Created; Personnel: There is hereby created a license office within the city. The city recorder shall be the license official and shall have charge of the license office and shall direct the same subject to and in accordance with such terms and conditions as the city council may prescribe.
   C.   License Official; Powers And Duties: The license official shall assess each licensee in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and the applicable statutes of the state, and shall receive all license fees required herein to be paid. The assessment shall be based upon the fees herein established. The license official shall also keep and maintain a suitable index, properly alphabetized, containing the names of all licensees. (Ord. 05-20-03B, 5-20-2003)