A.   The city council shall give notice of the proposed plat change by mailing the notice to each owner of property located within three hundred feet (300') of the property that is the subject of the proposed plat change, addressed to the owner's mailing address appearing on the rolls of the Emery County assessor.
   B.   The city council shall ensure that the notice includes:
      1.   A statement that anyone objecting to the proposed plat change must file a written objection to the change within ten (10) days of the date of the notice;
      2.   A statement that if no written objections are received by the Green River city council within the time limit, no public hearing will be held; and
      3.   The date, place and time when a hearing will be held, if one is required, to consider a vacation, alteration, or amendment without a petition when written objections are received or to consider any petition that does not include the consent of all landowners as required by section 11-1-10 of this chapter.
   C.   If the proposed change involves the vacation, alteration, or amendment of a street, the Green River city council shall give notice of the date, place, and time of the hearing by:
      1.   Mailing notice as required in subsection A of this section; and
      2.   Publish notice according to the Green River City zoning ordinance notice requirements. (Ord. 2014-02, 4-8-2014)